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Painting by Rex Granites Jabanunga

Artist: Rex Granites Jabanunga

Home: Yuendumu

Country of Story: Nyirripi, Ngapa Dreaming

Size: 121 x 88 cm Date: 2010

Code: FAD Price: Sold

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Paintings 41 to 41.

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Feature Artist

Maureen Nampajimpa

Artist: Maureen Nampajimpa

Home: Mount Allan/Adelaide

Language: Warlpiri

Date of Birth: 1959

Dreaming: Fire, water, watiya, wanu.

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Painting Symbols and Meanings

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Symbols in Aboriginal Art

These paintings depict an aerial view of the country, representing the lay of the land as created by ancestral beings during their journeys of creation. These ancestors are often a combination of animal-like creatures with human characteristics and frailties, and it is their adventures which have served to shape the landscape, while at the same time establishing the laws under which the Aboriginal societies operate. A typical and common story for example, is one of the taboo of any relationship between a man and his mother-in-law (or any woman who comes from the ‘skin’ group from where a mother-in-law is drawn). Any such relationship is followed by dire consequences in these ancient stories, and therefore to this day, it is forbidden for a man and his mother-in-law to communicate in any way whatsoever.

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